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We are proud To present a wide range of fitness and sporting activities run by the best coaches

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We select every day the best trainer and sport center for the activity you need. 

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Most frequent questions and answers
  • We make sure to alert you as soon new sports and activities will be available in your area.
  • The vast majority of our profile are certified, high quality experience is assured.
  • Stay active is a fundamental part of our life and Sportandsalud will make it easier.
  • Here are different ways to contact a coach, namely : by phone, by email, or directly on our portal.
  • Some Coaches/Trainers will have their own certificate displayed on their profile, if in doubt, you can send a request to your coach preference.
  • We believe in our mission: wellbeing for everyone.
  • We think that everyone Must have the opportunity to practice their favourite sport or to choose one.
  • That’s why we want to help you find an activity that suit you, at a convenient distance and tailor to your budget.
  • We are confident to be able to change the lives of many people by making them gain in health and positivity.
  • Because we are always excited to welcome new Coaches into our growing community, who can help us to enrich the offer and receive in return greater visibility.
  • We want you to help us to achieve our Goal of getting people off the couch!!!
  • You as a Coach will receive visibility and credentials to add to your career and enhance your profession.
  • There is no better package, it all depends on the size of your business.
  • It’s possible to start for free and then in the future you can update your package if you wish.

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Here at Sport & Salud we are devoted to our mission in giving everyone a chance to improve their life through sport and exercise

It is our aim to help connect you with passionate and committed trainers who are the right match for you.

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