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Who we are....

Here at Sport & Salud we are devoted to our mission in giving everyone a chance to improve their life through sport and exercise.

Over the years it has been our privilege to help thousands of people to better themselves through our work as personal trainers, coaches, and athletes.

We have also seen firsthand the difference having the right people around you can make.

It is our aim to help connect you with passionate and committed trainers who are the right match for you.

Our passion is fueled by the satisfaction and delight felt by both trainer and client when they reach their goals and know they are on the right track to a more fulfilling and healthier path.

As they say your health is your wealth, and it’s our goal to help you take your first step in the right direction.

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Each and every one of us have different goals and interests.

Whether your goal is to feel better, more confident, to have more fun and be happier.
Maybe its having visible abs, burning fat, losing weight or gaining muscle. It could be getting that extra push to surpass your limits in hard workouts.
We passionately believe that doing what you enjoy is equally as important as doing it in the right place with the right people.

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How it works

We take great joy in easing the search to start achieving your goals and feeling great.

We understand there is a lot of choices out there. It can be frustrating and exhausting trying to choose the right place or who the right coach is for you.

So we’ve made it easier to browse through a wide range of activities, sports and gyms that interest you and to easily compare and read reviews for the various trainers and venues to find what suits you the best.

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With us.

Get started sooner

Why use up all of your energy before you even get started, when you can quickly find the highest quality professionals and top ranked activities close to you.
It takes time and energy comparing over multiple platforms. Here you can do it all in one place.

A huge number of options for a multitude of different sports and activities.

From general fitness to water sports, yoga to tennis, or bodybuilding to martial arts, and much more. Whatever you’re interested in we have it covered. Maybe you can even find something completely new!

 It’s quick and easy to read reviews or profiles of different trainers and professionals around you.
So you wont miss out on the perfect match no matter what you’re looking for.
Choosing the right personal trainer or venue can really boost our motivation, and have us feeling better and healthier before even getting started.

Browsing and comparing reviews to find what’s right for you has never been easier.

Sorting by location to find a place convenient for you.

Whether its close to home or near your workplace, you can find where suits you the best to help you stick to your goals.

For trainers, coaches, professionals, gyms and venues.

Our ambition is to give passionate and hardworking professionals the best possible opportunity to expand your client base and share your expertise and knowledge to not only hit the goals of your clients but also to fulfil your own professional aims.

With Sportandsalud we not only help to vastly increase your exposure to potential new clients and business by ultimately increasing your reach and volume of traffic, but also the ability to have direct and easy contact between you and prospective clients.

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