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frequently asked questions

Try to take the picture a bit farer

Because you have a free package.

As long as you like , put as much information as you can , adding links etc.

No the question you didn’t fill won’t be shown , your profile will come up clear and clean

Events will be shown on the filter and the location you have chosen

Make sure when the questionnaire asks you for the tags , please fill up properly as these tags will come out on the search filter to define the search

Unfortunately the questionnaire is not translatable at the moment , we are working on it.

Yes these are important for the client to know what have you achieved in the past , that’s help to evaluate your passion, where ever you have done, from Educations to competitions

Yes what you are, e.g. Professional Personal Trainer / Tennis Coach , club , gym , diving club , whatever makes the user understand who you are.

Send us a message please tell us what the issue is, we could immediately resolve the problem or explain to you why it is not in the list .