I am a fitness expert committed to assisting my customers reach their health & fitness objectives. Devoted to fitness for almost 20 years, I think that individuals who exercise consistently and take care of their bodies are not only more physically healthy, but are also more emotionally well, and happier overall. I thinks there are 3 keys to success: Commitment - Commit to become FIT!, Discipline - Develop habits that endure a lifetime., Results - Do the first two and the results will follow. She takes tremendous pleasure in using exercise to make the world a better, healthier, and happier place. Continually increasing my knowledge of fitness via continuing education classes, and by attending fitness workshops and seminars is something I firmly believe in to remain current with industry norms and trends. I was extremely pleased to be chosen as a trainer at Monica Brant’s FEM Camp 2010 where I taught ladies participating or interested in competing in fitness and figure contests. Last month, I was awarded Personal Trainer of the Month by the National Council of Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT) (NCCPT). Along with my blog (Fit Chica), I am a contributor to Naturally Savvy, a natural and organic lifestyle site. “Fitness is my passion and I am so blessed to do what I love: educate, inspire, and motivate!” I have a strong love for encouraging people to unleash their inner power and potential in every training session and class I teach.

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  • Education
    Bachelor's Degree, Marketing, University of Phoenix
  • Awards & Accomplishments
    Trainer, Monica Brant's FEM Camp 2010 Personal Trainer of the Month, NCCPT
  • Years Experience
  • Languages Spoken
    English, Spanish
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  • Where do i coach?
    Gym but mostly in Pilates Plus Long Beach, CA

Long Beach, California 90802, United States

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